Startup Events where new applications can be demo'd


I know there are bunch of conferences where you can demo your application to a wider audience.

e.g Techcrunch,, etc

Is there any site that maintains a calendar of all these startup events

I come across events like SXSW that would have been a wonderful opportunity to present but did not know about it until yesterday and sadly the registration has expired.

It would be nice to get a list of affordable places where a founder can go and demo the application.

I think this list could be very useful for founders who are still in development phase so that they can pick the conference they want to demo at and adjust the time of release.

Let us add all the tiny,big or worthy events that could be important opportunity to present.

I am not asking for conferences where you can attend and listen but where you can demonstrate to live audience.


asked Dec 8 '11 at 09:50
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This should answer your question:

answered Dec 8 '11 at 15:03
Alain Raynaud
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Check out:

  1. StartUpDigest : You can choose your market area, then receive weekly updates on local events and opportunities.
  2. Silicon Valley Association of Startup Entrpreneurs (SVASE) : Their calendar usually includes both SVASE and non-SVASE events.
  3. Hackers & Founders : (Note -There are several Silicon Valley Meetup Groups that have numerous small events for this sort of thing.)
  4. FailCon : This year's just took place in October. They have a demo room for startups.

Totally off-the-cuff thought here...

Depending on how frequently you'd like to run these demos, consider getting a GoToMeeting account (or some other screen sharing software) and schedule regular demo webinars.

Post the registration links to your website/blog/Twitter to promote. In GTM, and the other platforms I'm sure, you can have a follow-up questionnaire sent and the results aggregated. (Can also use SurveyMonkey for the questionnaire.) Depending on your site traffic, if you can give a live 15-minute demo with 1-2 people a week and the get their feedback, that would be enormously valuable. Might not be worth the trouble, but something to think about.

answered Dec 22 '11 at 00:25
Scott Sambucci
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Not a list, but just throwing it out there. WebInno is a good recurring event in Cambridge for tech startups.

answered Dec 15 '11 at 07:24
Mike Eng
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