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I've recently started a start-up in the poker sector and will be launching a product we've been working on for around 8 months this coming week. I am going to be contacting bloggers, and other businesses in the sector via email. Are business will be very consumer focused but there are opportunities to work with other companies in the industry as we (hopefully) we will be drawing a lot more traffic than most other sites in the space.

There is a large conference for affiliates in the industry in September and I want to know how important / valuable people feel events like these are. I have never 'networked' or been to any events like this so am really in the dark on whether its worth the $1,100 air-fare and 4 day commitment (we've been qualified for free tickets). I also wouldn't know where to start when I get there with networking.

Any advice appreciated.

Networking Conferences

asked Aug 6 '11 at 00:42
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I'd recommend that you go to that conference.

Here are a few good reasons. You indicate that you have never been to a conference or networked. So you are clearly behind. If you had said that you already have attended all conferences in your space and know everyone, then you probably could skip that one.

The other point that worries me is that you sound like you worked hard for 8 months without comfronting your ideas with real people. So going out and engaging with as many people in the industry as you can is a must.

answered Aug 6 '11 at 01:06
Alain Raynaud
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  • +1 agree. Go and understand what makes affiliate marketers tick, if your proposition to them is pitched right, you could have an army of marketers working for you without breaking the bank. – Edralph 13 years ago
  • Thanks for the input. The good news is the product we built is a poker datamining / stats platform targeted at the consumer (there is a market for this and I was a pro-online poker player for 3 years so I know the space). What we are looking to get into is expanding our stats system to be tailored more B to B which is something I have no experience with. Hence the conference will be a good start. I think I will go. – Nextgenneo 13 years ago

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