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When sub-contracting out web/graphic design what do you include in your contract with the sub-contractor? One specific area I'm curious about is issues regarding the sub-contractors online portfolio.


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asked Jun 14 '10 at 23:37
Big Tuna
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  • In what regards are you concerned about regarding the sub-Contractors online portfolio? – John Bogrand 14 years ago

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I assume you're concerned about whether or not the sub-contractors can include your client's work in their portfolios, right? I'll answer with that assumption in mind.

A typical contract includes an NDA for the client's project, a non-compete clause for the duration of the project (pertaining to competitors of the client), penalties for late delivery, and other usual stuff like that.

In terms of their portfolios, I don't mind that they include our clients' projects. I sometimes even encourage it. Personally, I have yet to find a client that has a problem with this arrangement. In my mind, this gives the designer more incentive to do good work on our behalf. Most of our clients understand that we may sub-contract out as well.

There has been one case where we've been the sub-contracted agency, however. The parent agency asked us not to display their client's project on our portfolio. We've honored that agreement with no problems.

answered Jun 15 '10 at 08:19
Mike Lee
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