Suggestions for a video game site that deals with videos?


I'm about to launch a very (VERY) simple site for video games. It's basically a site that allows you to watch Youtube videos for video games.

I'm struggling with the "chicken or egg" problem. I was thinking of allowing the users to create game pages (wiki style) and then add video links. Or, should I somehow get the names of 1000 games (across different systems) to seed the site with?

Long term, I want to make sure I don't get spammers creating game pages. I even thought about some reputation system like on Stack Exchange but with no users in the beginning, that might be difficult.

Any suggestions?


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asked Feb 4 '11 at 03:02
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I would definitely seed it with something to start with. No one wants to come to a completely empty site. You might not need 1000 but maybe find to top 100 or something like that. It's going to be hard to keep up with everything without some sort of staff so I definitely like the idea of it mainly being crowdsourced but as you mentioned that also brings in the risk of spammers.

Your main issues if you go that route will be how to engage people and get them to spread the word and how do you keep spammers out. This is something that I think "gamification", of which the points/badges system that Stack Exchange is an example of, can really help. You can either build that system yourself or use a company like my startup, IActionable, which provides this as a service.

answered Feb 4 '11 at 03:16
Ryan Elkins I Actionable
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