which taxes my USA subsidiary will be subjected to, if any


i need a professional advice on the following situation:
we are a Poland company, we want to open a subsidiary in the USA. The purpose is to buy goods from American company, and then export these to Poland. It will be more of bank transfer operations: like we transfer money to our usa subsidiary bank account, they purchase from american company, and then straight away sell these goods to us, a freight forwarder ships goods right from the warehouse of our american supplier. I need to understand if this counts for PE in USA, and what taxes will be imposed on our subsidiary and our parent company?

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asked Apr 30 '13 at 06:42
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  • If you need a *professional* advice - why don't you ask a *professional*? – Littleadv 9 years ago

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In the USA corporations are legal entities and have to abide by the laws they are registered in as well as any federal laws that might exist. You will be taxed at the state level for which ever state your corporation is registered in. If you are selling goods in other states (doesn't sound like you are) and you have a physical location in those states (doesn't sound like you will) you would have to collect any applicable taxes and remit them as well.

So you should look into each state and see what laws best fit your model then incorporate in that state. I , I'm a canadian, find Nevada to be the best and have registered companies there before, its easy to do and the taxes are very competitive to other states.

You should hire an incorporation agent they will make your life easier and you can discuss in more detail what you need to do.

My guess is you will have more trouble exporting then simply setting up a business and worrying about who to pay taxes too.

answered Aug 9 '13 at 21:25
Ross Mann
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  • This is very superficial. The State taxes are really not the problem here. Its the Federal taxes which will make this thing complicated. You have a foreign corporation with US subsidiary dealing with purchasing and export - this is not a simple thing. They **do** need a professional advice. From your answer they may think that incorporating in a non-taxing State will solve their problems - State taxes is the easy part. – Littleadv 9 years ago

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