Toll-free or local phone number?


I'm getting a phone for my new business and I'm debating to either get a 888 number or a local one.

My main concern is high phone bills on a 888 number, when I will get support and other calls.

At the other side of the coin, with a 888 number the company looks national, while a local number puts a pin on the map in the user's mind.

What's your experience on this?


asked May 2 '10 at 00:30
Stefanos Tses
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Toll free is crazy cheap these days. If you are using a landline look at pioneer If you want something more flexible maybe would serve you. I definitely would not let cost concerns hold you back.

Keep in mind if you expect international callers you will also want to publish a 'local' number as reaching toll free prefixes is difficult from most places outside the US and Canada.

If you find yourself spending a lot on support calls that will be a strong signal to you...

answered May 3 '10 at 00:13
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My experience is that a toll free number is still used and much appreciated by customers. See my prior answer about toll free numbers here and the related comments that it sparked.

AT&T just recently offered to add our toll free number to our unlimited long distance outbound coverage for a flat $12 per month. I think this kind of pricing makes it a no brainer.

answered May 6 '10 at 05:41
Keith De Long
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  • Thanks Keith.. I currently have RingCentral and 300 minutes a month free. That will be enough in the beginning I guess. – Stefanos Tses 9 years ago


Though most folks can call from their cell and not get charged long distance, many large organization still restrict LD calling. So you really don't have a choice, if any of your customers work for such organizations.

That all said, as your volume goes up, you will be able to get a better rate. I recall paying under 1cent per minute at one of my companies, but we also had 10K+ minutes worth of incoming calls.

answered May 2 '10 at 03:22
Apollo Sinkevicius
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