Tools for making Video presentation/training?


I have software product and I found myself doing lot's of demos which is not needed. I also don't want to create text manuals.

So, my idea is to create video training and demonstration materials.

I'm looking for some tool which will help me doing this. I will need things like:

  1. Take video of desktop and portions of it - allowing zoop, etc.
  2. Edit video - add captions, arrows, etc.
  3. Edit video - add soundtrack.

My idea is to make video, than write text and let dedicated person to read it out in sync with video and record audio like this.

Any suggestions on what I should use? I'm not even sure if question belongs to startups but it is kind of startup problem

Video Presentation

asked Dec 1 '11 at 07:09
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My recommendation is Camtasia. It is available for Mac and Windows and will do everything you listed.

answered Dec 1 '11 at 07:33
Jon Di Pietro
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  • I've used this product for internal training videos. Easy to use, great. even fixed the noisy output of my cheap microphone I was using... – M. Esh. 12 years ago
  • I've also used this product and it's fantastic and does everything you mentioned. – Bkparikh 12 years ago


I use Jing for this. It captures video from the screen (note: it has a 5 minutes recording limit, so sometimes you need to do multiple recording chunks).

After I've captured the videos, I import them into iMovie to do all voiceovers, background audio, and visual effects bits.

answered Dec 1 '11 at 08:32
Brian Karas
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I personally use and recommend Camtasia (Mac or PC).

If you're using a Mac you could also try SnapZ Pro X or ScreenFlow.

Screenr is another freemium screen recorder not mentioned yet.

If you want something even more powerful (and have money to spend) I would recommend Articulate's new Storyline software:

answered Jun 1 '12 at 07:18
Top Alternatives.Com
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