How to track how much traffic I'm sending as an affiliate to brands?


I'm not a tech person per se. I have a content site that is monetized with affiliate links. How can I track how much traffic I'm sending to merchants without having to reinvent the wheel?

Are there any existing solutions I can use to do this tracking?

Affiliate Affiliate Marketing Tracking

asked Feb 27 '14 at 14:09
Tommy Staples
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The easiest way is to use JavaScript to track clicks on links you've designated as affiliate links, registering these clicks as an event in your analytics. (e.g. Google Analytics event tracking)

If you're using Google Analytics, there should be an even easier option of just tracking all outbound link clicks (if you're on Wordpress and using a plugin to integrate Google Analytics, there should be an option to do this with zero coding knowledge), which you can look at the report for and pick out which ones are your affiliate links.

A crappy but doable solution would also be to use a URL shortener that includes analytics (like for your affiliate links -- be aware that click counts may be slightly inflated as some bots crawl any of these links they can find.

answered Feb 28 '14 at 15:55
Jay Neely
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