Two years in development mode at a startup: how do you deal with family?


I've been in startup, development mode for past 2 years almost. The first prototype did not work as planned and I recently have started rewriting. I am fully committed, I dedicate all my time into this project.

My parents are making a fuss, saying I should give up this project, saying that it's taking too long.

I explained to them it's not something that simple to be finished in short amount of time. However, they are accusing me that I am making excuses to not get into graduate school or get a job.

About jobs, I had few interviews before, and applied to several places but did not get any job offers. So I had no other choice but to commit myself to this startup.

This is a one man start up....but seems like stress from the project is not enough, I have to be exposed to my ultra conservative parent's opposition.

What would you do? Have you faced any opposition from your family members? I know this is a business site, but I feel like human resource management on a fundamental level is a good skill to have.


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Kim Jong Woo
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Try to think about an absolute minimal simple one feature only version of the system you are building, build that and try to sell it.

If you manage to get some sales (even with a ridiculously low volume like one $10 sale a month) you will both validate the market exists (for yourself) and have some facts to show this idea has potential if you only complete it.

If you can't get a minimal version out there at least put up a web site about that product with a form that lets potential customers register to get notified when the product is ready - that will also validate your market (not as much as getting people to actually give you money, but it does prove our target market exists) and prove the idea has financial potential.

If you can't sell your minimal product or/and can't even get people to register to be notified than it's possible your idea does not have potential and you should find another idea to base your startup on.

My first product was for a market that doesn't exists, I think I spent about a year developing it and almost another year trying to sell it before giving up.

I released my second product after only 3 weeks (nights and weekends only, I have a full time job) of development (and yes the first version was pathetic) got some sales and feedback and now ~3 years and a lot of versions later it's a really nice mature product (the product is yaTimer it anyone cares)

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  • yaTimer looks like a brilliant idea! Well done. :) – Anonymous 12 years ago
  • @Chris Bridgett - thanks – Nir 12 years ago
  • I agree with this. No version 1 of a startup product should take 2 years. I am siding with your parents. Ship some code, get some customers, start rocking it... or get a job :) – Ryan Doom 12 years ago


Dealing with family in the early stages is tough. I think you are staying with your family while doing the startup - while that really helps you to save accommodation expenses, it also stresses your family members (and you) when they see things aren't moving forward.

Take up a small consulting project (shouldn't affect your startup in anyway) - maybe 5-10 hrs a week and do it over the weekend and show some money. Use this money to move out to a decent place and invest it in your startup - work alone, be free, get your startup to generate revenue and then come back.

My 2 cents..

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  • where can you find such small consulting projects ? – Kim Jong Woo 13 years ago

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