Which type of visa is suitable for an Indian co founder to come to US


I’m a co-founder of a start up in US. An Israeli company is invested in our business. Among other 2 co-founders one is a US citizen and the other is from Israel who is having a US visa. So which type of visa is most suitable for me to come to US.

Co-Founder Visa

asked Nov 2 '13 at 02:31
Jibin George
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Visa you need would depend on the activities you're planning on doing.

For example, if you come to the US for vacation, you'd need a tourist (B2) visa. If you come to participate in a business meeting, you'd need a business visitor (B1) visa. Israelis have one visa, that covers both cases - "regular" tourist visa Israelis get is a dual B1/B2 visa. You just need to tell the immigration officer at the port of entry what's the purpose of the particular visit.

If you intend to work and live in the US for any period of time, you'll need one of the varieties of visas that allow this. Most commonly - L1 and H1b. You (your company, in fact) should hire an immigration attorney to help you decide which exactly visa you need and help you draft and submit all the documentation to have it approved.

answered Nov 2 '13 at 04:03
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