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I moved to the UK this week, and want to start a company. A few months ago I registered a Limited Company with Companies House, and I am the sole director of the company.

I was able to open a Current Account in my personal name, but the same bank would not allow me to open a business account in the company name, saying the company had failed credit scoring (surprising since the company has never traded, has no debts, and its only director passed credit scoring).

When I try to apply online at other banks, all of them require 3 years of address history, and won't accept non-UK addresses.

Are there any banks in the UK that will open a business bank account without requiring address history and a credit check (I don't need any loans or overdrafts, so I don't understand why a check is necessary).

UK Bank Account

asked Aug 6 '11 at 15:49
George Brown
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Sorry to hear of your experience, there are banks that let you open bank accounts even if you aren't a resident. So I don't see why they're being so ridiculous.

I'm not sure which bank you've tried to deal with, but Ive found with some banks- their interpretation of the rules and special circumstances can actually vary by Branch! and I think you might have some mileage by speaking to an actual business manager in branch (Natwest are pretty good for this) than the regular counter advisors.

hope you have better luck with it and keep us posted!

answered Aug 6 '11 at 21:41
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  • That's right. Often staff at banks, either in branch or at the call centre, don't really know what the rules actually are. Best to speak to the most senior person you can that deals with business banking. Barclays has separate areas for business banking within many of their branches, so maybe check there. – Steve Jones 13 years ago


Been there, done that... i ended up going with this bank account which is designed for people in your situation.

ps, i take no responsibility for anything this advice may lead you to etc....

answered Oct 5 '11 at 21:43
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