Does opening a bank account for an llc make a person personally responsible for the account?


I've asked a bank what they require in order to open a bank account for an llc, and the main thing was a "certificate of good standing".

Since the "certificate of good standing" or even the "article of organization" don't necessarily include the members' names, it seems that the bank can't know if the person is really a member of the llc. Apparently the bank doesn't care because the person will be liable for the account (in case of overdraft, for example).

But then doesn't that somewhat contradict the reason for creating an llc?

The question is: Is this true? Does the person become personally liable for the account?

LLC Legal Business Bank Account

asked Feb 10 '12 at 05:10
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You don't mention what country you are in, but in the US you can be sure that the bank will require someone or something to be responsible for the bank account. You will need either an IRS Tax ID number or your Social Security Number to open that bank account.

You really need to talk to your bank, not ask questions here. But note, at least in the US, creating an LLC and expecting to not be liable for what happens with the LLC's bank account is probably a mistake on your part.

answered Feb 10 '12 at 05:58
Gary E
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LLC Legal Business Bank Account