Can I use a UPS Store for mailing address and for service of process address?


I am starting an online company and for various reasons want it to be located in one city (in another state) that I visit frequently. I actually do much of the work for the company in that city, from my laptop while at the airport there and around town, and the bank account and the like for the company are set up there, so it's a legitimate location.

On the company website, I would like to be able to list a street address in that city. Any reason not to just rent a mailbox at a UPS Store in that city? I will check the mail there at least once every few weeks. I'd also like to cancel my process agent and just use the UPS Store mailbox for my address for service of process, required by the Secretary of State. Any reason not to do that as well?

I looked into renting office space from Regus, but the price was way higher than I need- since I don't actually need office space, just an address.


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asked Feb 15 '11 at 22:21
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Many Secretary of State offices do not allow for the use of UPS Store mailboxes for receipt of service of process. Delaware, for example, is especially strict about this (they even call your listed registered agent office number to ensure it is an attended land line). Some states also mail franchise tax forms and other important reminders to your listed RA address. What states are you referring to?

Your alternative to Regus is to simply hire a registered agent service - typically the annual fee ranges from $50-$100.

answered Feb 15 '11 at 22:49
Henry The Hengineer
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