How are you using Quora to help you build and grow your start up?


Quora is becoming an increasingly powerful resource for startups. How are you using Quora and what do you suggest as best practices for Quora to help build and grow a start up while avoiding being perceived as a "Quora-spammer".

Is it practical to use Quora in lieu of a traditional board of advisers? If so, can you suggest some ways where this might work?


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asked Mar 27 '11 at 07:19
Warren E. Hart
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My feeling is that Quora is not very helpful. It is more useful for general high-level overviews on topics.

I am also myself wondering whether there are any real notable differences in this site and Quora. I kind of prefer the format of the stack-overflow sites so I use this site.

So far this site has not been helpful for me, but I try to answer questions of others.

Actually I just looked at Quora for some startup questions, and there is much more content there so I would say at this point it is much more helpful than this site. But I have gotten so much value of the stackoverflow site that I'll keep visiting this site and trying to help others here :)

answered Mar 27 '11 at 08:05
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Every time I've looked in on Quora it just seems like a big hot mess, especially for startup advice. I just don't get the fascination with Quora, it's too broad.

answered Mar 27 '11 at 08:13
Brian Karas
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  • I agree with that assessment actually. But at the same time, more mess = more content :) – Genadinik 13 years ago
  • It took me a while to get a grip on Quora. It first comes at you like a firehouse. But once you get it pared down to the questions you actually want in your feed, it is pretty fascinating. – Kenneth Vogt 13 years ago
  • @Kenneth what would you say the difference was? What was the fascinating thing about it once you got into it? – Genadinik 13 years ago
  • @Genadinik, I think it is a matter of taste. I find the quality of the content on both Quora and StackExchange to be high. Quora seems a bit more Ivy League to me while StackExchange is more roll up your sleeves and get it done. – Kenneth Vogt 13 years ago

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