I want to start a limited company in The UK, as I am British, but live in Poland with my girlfriend


About 6 years ago I did have a limited company for Contract Work I was doing for 6 months, it was very simple and no problems. I now live in Poland with my girlfriend and found it difficult to get employment. Finally, I have an opportunity and someone in Poland said, offer self employment. I thought I could use my mothers address for UK residency, open up UK bank account with this address, paying my correct taxes in UK and everything would be fine. I am looking to invoice a Polish company monthly. Is this indeed the case?? I do not want to do anything illegal.... Please help me get to correct solution so that I can get employment in Poland. I thank you in advance!

UK Tax Contractor Limited

asked Aug 28 '13 at 23:19
Anthony Kerr
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  • Whatever the outcome here is, you'll want to talk with a lawyer to be sure. This site won't be a good replacement for that. (But you probably knew that.) – rbwhitaker 7 years ago

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First, I am not an expert in Polish law, which is the law that really matters, so you should consult a lawyer there.

The general principles to confirm/check on are:

  • in some countries (e.g., Canada where I live) tax authorities are sensitive over whether someone is a contractor or employee: employees have added benefits and they don't want employers to make people contractors artificially. They have a series of rules the check to see if you are really a contractor, including whether you do work for other people, use your own computer or the company's, etc.
  • generally speaking, I believe you should be fine opening a UK company with a UK mailing residence and UK citizenship, even if you are not a resident: a UK lawyer could confirm
  • if you are resident in Poland, but are being paid by a UK company, I am not sure who the taxes should be paid to: there is probably some sort of tax treaty around the EU to equalize this: you should ask an accountant. This is the sort of question you could get answered in a first half hour free consultation with an accountant.
answered Aug 30 '13 at 03:56
Kamal Hassan
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