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Well, i am a 2nd year computer science student, and really passionate about entrepreneurship.
Now, i have these couple of ideas, that i would really like to implement, but the problem is that, all of these are somehow web based.Me and my friend, none of us have any experience with the web development, so i thought of learning it and then going for it. But in the past 50 days, i have realised that may be i wont be able to make the application that much impressive as i have thought of.Though i might be able to come up with something, like the application will work, though it wont be that much efficient.
Now i want to know, is it alright to assign the work of website development to someone who's a professional and pay him, coz it might transfer all the application into his hand(a stranger), which we wont want to happen. So what shall we do?


asked Jul 5 '11 at 15:06
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If you are not an extremely good web developer / programmer, you should hire an outside programmer. You will save time, money and a lot of nerves by having a professional do the job.

It is normal that you have fears giving your idea to someone, but most of those fears are irrational. Rare few developers are ready to "steal" your idea because they lack your faith, understanding and commitment to it, but most notably because they are simply not interested in entrepreneurship. To simplify, being afraid of hiring a developer is like being afraid of hiring a construction company because they might steal your house - it simply doesn't happen that often.

Therefore, find and hire a good professional, and you will be much better off.

answered Jul 5 '11 at 15:49
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  • thanks a load!!! – Kraken 13 years ago
  • You're welcome :) – Pvukovic 13 years ago


It is always helpful to at least start out on your own. Even if you never get close to completing it, when you work through the concepts yourself, you are able to present a much clearer concept to someone else, should you decided to hire a coder in the future.

At a minimum, you should work on conceptualizing as much of the idea out as you can, prior to hiring a developer.

answered Jul 5 '11 at 23:59
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You can have a third party built whatever ideas you have. Just make sure you have the company or the developer sign a contract which states they are not allowed to do anything with your ideas and that you will become owner of the code (optional, your choice & will probably cost more). Also think about whether the developer is allowed to re-use (parts of) code.

answered Jul 5 '11 at 15:13
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  • but will it be fine, to startup with the application that i build, and see the response, and then give it to a profeesional to handle further. or would it be nice, if i give the whole project to him so that it gets out as a nice web application.? – Kraken 13 years ago
  • @Kraken there was an article i read about a person who learned web development over the summer just to get an idea out. After he got out a brief idea, he pitched it to developers... You can do that, but if you're waiting to see a response and hope that someone will like it, then its saying that you don't have faith in your own idea. If you have faith in it already, just develop something basic, and pitch it to developers. Make sure to give them ownership of the company too. Don't be greedy. – Andrewliu 11 years ago

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