Will a VC review a printed copy of my deck?


I am using PowerPoint to create our deck. I believe I can make use of a few advanced PowerPoint features (like animations) to provide a more robust presentation. However, if the VC reviews a printed copy of the deck the animations will not be there and overall the deck could end up being less effective, if not odd.

I realize there is not an 'absolute' answer to this. I am more curious what people believe to be the general case.

As a sub-question is it OK to nudge the reader to the electronic version?


Pitch Presentation Deck

asked Feb 7 '12 at 06:24
Steve Jones
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If you have a good powerpoint presentation, all of the information will not be on the slides anyways. You need to fill those in as a presenter. Ideally, you have two documents, the investor deck for your investor presentations that you give in person, and a separate one that you would send them. This should be put together so that it prints nicely, and includes all of the information required on the actual slides. The full one usually has about 20-30% more slides.

Generally though we find that most investors are looking for only an executive summary, so we don't send out our full deck until we have already hooked them a bit.


answered Feb 7 '12 at 07:04
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I can't believe that there is any situation where animation on a PowerPoint slide would be make or break for a investors interest.

They are after information, not a movie.

answered Feb 7 '12 at 19:38
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If you feel all of the value is in the digital copy, provide a URL to the powerpoint presentation and don't offer a printed copy.

answered Feb 7 '12 at 06:46
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