How to write an intrigued invitation mail to event organizers, to list their events?


I have created a simple-clever search engine for events, however I would like to make the website known to event organizers, so instead of me adding the events found in other websites, they will list their events by themselves.

The problem is that I would like to send them a mail that will make them to take action and try/use my service, which is free.

What points should I consider mentioning and what should I avoid?

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asked Aug 3 '13 at 07:12
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Figure out what the single most compelling reason that the event organiser should want to list on your site. Tell them this.

If the reason doesn't involve giving their event massive exposure to a well qualified audience of event go-ers, you might want to re-think your idea of "compelling reason" versus that of your target event organisers.

answered Sep 3 '13 at 04:54
Nick Stevens
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First off make sure to sign up to services like or and use these to track the success of your email blast.

I would approach this in two ways (perhaps a/b split test it to see which works best).

  1. Send a email somewhat personalized (the above services can help with this) inviting them to share their experiences of being an event planner , organizer, promoter, etc... for you blog (I hope you have a blog). Tell them its an e-mail based interview and if they are interested you will send over the questions. Ask a series of questions one of them being if they have any upcoming events they would like to mention in the article. Make sure to tell them where the blog post will go , with your company url. Make sure to actually have a spotlight section on your blog honesty is the best policy. Plus blogs help with organic traffic.
Doing this will accomplish a few things, starting to build a dialog and relationship with your customers and to get them to check out your site. If they see your site they might engage in it. If they don't go to it right away you can do a follow up e-mail letting them know they interview has been posted. They will likely take a look at that point.

  1. Hold an online event/ or launch party , do a giveaway for the first 10 people to post their event. Send out an email to everyone announcing the event and encourage them to take part. Try your best to gamify it and make it fun. If you can do a few giveaways based on certain actions that could help.
If you choose my answer please let me know in the comments how it turns out. I am curious to see if these work for you.
answered Aug 3 '13 at 11:47
Ross Mann
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