Adsense for Wordpresss?


We are using adsense plugin for our blog This plugin is not very good and I do not see much better options.
At the end of the blog, I want to display the ad . Should I go for my own programming or there are better options available ?


asked Apr 3 '10 at 04:47
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AdSense is well known to be terrible at generating revenue. Even StackOverflow barely made money with it; neither did blogging greats like CopyBlogger or ProBlogger.

Go with an ad network. The one we're using on this site is Influads -- check them out. It's a teeny company so the service is terrific and they're reasonable about rates.

answered Apr 3 '10 at 05:50
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  • Thanks Jason. I will checkout Inflauds. But how do we setup ads in wordpress ? Is there any better plugin or should I use another theme ? – Skillguru 14 years ago
  • The ad network typically has a plug-n-play mechanism. For example, with Influads it's an HTML snippet which you can add to the sidebar with the "HTML" widget that comes with Wordpress. Then you can style it with CSS from your theme if you want to. – Jason 14 years ago


I don't know about wordpress, but I've set-up Adsense for my Joomla site Instead of using a plugin, I simply took the adsense code and copied it into an article. This article, I can insert wherever I want in another article to display an ad block.

Was a piece of cake, no plugin, no programming required.

answered Apr 4 '10 at 20:01
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  • How much money is it generating? Word on the street is AdSense doesn't generate significant revenue but I'm curious what your experience is? – Jason 14 years ago
  • Although I checked notify with email id , I do not get email when someone responds to my question. – Skillguru 14 years ago
  • Till date it has been next to nothing from google adsense for me. We have 16k visitors a month and adsense does not even cover server cost , forget about everything else. – Skillguru 14 years ago

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