Can you refer step by step study material for creating wordpress blog


I am a newbie to Wordpress and have set up a hosted blog with wordpress but the default theme is not what i am looking for. I am looking for a theme that is SEO optimised and then also have the ability to have rss feed, add email subscriber and option of users to retweet/facebook like.

Can you suggest a theme/template that will have these features builtin and also looking for a good source where i can read and learn about setting up my blog effectively like changing the appearance, using plugins and widgets.

You response is highly appreciated

Blog Wordpress Templates

asked Jan 6 '11 at 04:05
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  • Hi there, and welcome to this site. I'm sorry to be a little bit pushy here, but IMHO this question is best answered on . As I read it, it's about "how do I use and customize Wordpress" in general. – Jesper Mortensen 13 years ago
  • Jesper, I would actually recommend the question go to Galley 13 years ago

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You should checkout - a site like, but focused on WordPress.

As for themes, I use the following 3 sites and love them all: (sort by WordPress) Hope that helps!

answered Jan 6 '11 at 04:24
Alex Cook
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You can check the following sites for step by step wordpress tutorials

  1. WP101
answered Jan 6 '11 at 04:44
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I also use WooThemes extensively and recommend them. Another very popular theme that has strong SEO performance is Thesis.

answered Aug 16 '11 at 23:36
Jon Di Pietro
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