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I have a website where in some instances I will know the user's email address. Is there an advertising network, where I would submit an email address to retrieve relevant ads and could then display those ads on the webpage?

Ads based on a user's email address could be more relevant than ads based on the content of the page (and might bring higher ad revenue). Of course, there are privacy concerns, but I'd like to know if this kind of advertising service exists.

Advertising Email

asked Mar 14 '13 at 06:45
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  • So you want to observe what your users are interested in and display those subjects as related ads? – Yisela 6 years ago
  • I want a service where I provide an email address and it returns ads that are relevant to the owner of that email address. And then pays me if the user clicks on the ad. :) – Kekito 6 years ago
  • There might be something like that out there. If there is, it must cost **a lot**. This is what target marketing does, and I doubt they want to share that information. – Yisela 6 years ago

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Google Adsense knows best. Google takes into consideration not only the content of the current visited website of your users, but also his previous websites and his ads "profile" on google.

Think about it, its one of Google's main sources of revenue + they have access to the users history (each site that displays adsense can track the visiting user, right?) + they have access to the users EVERYTHING online (if the user uses Chrome for browsing).

To sum up, just use Adsense :)

answered May 14 '13 at 00:53
Uri Abramson
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Take a look at the display lumascape to see what companies operate in the retargeting space (also evaluate the other spaces to see if there is a better fit). Do a google search on "email retargeting" and see what services exist for your specific need.

answered Mar 15 '13 at 00:01
Jim Galley
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  • Email retargeting looks very different from I describe above. I'm not sending out emails, I just know the email addresses of many visitors. – Kekito 6 years ago
  • Well - the lumascape list is the go to diagram to map out who offers what in the display advertising space. If not retargeting, then check the other categories on the list - perhaps something else will fit your needs. – Jim Galley 6 years ago

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