Affiliate marketing on mobile platform? Or will it always remain a smaller share as compared to desktop?


I have a content site whose primary source of revenue is affiliate programs. I have yet to see a user that converted and bought something from a mobile device.

Will affiliate marketing always be dead on mobile? Or is it likely that my user experience is screwing something up that is resulting in no sales?

If I put myself in the customers' shoes, buying things from ecommerce sites would not be ideal on a phone.

Affiliate Mobile Affiliate Marketing

asked Mar 5 '14 at 11:54
Ruth Quinn
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On the mobile, affiliate marketing is always a pain for two reasons:

  1. People checkout less on the mobile (most will bookmark an item and buy it later from their laptop).
  2. Tracking within apps sucks.

For your content site, you actually have a higher probability of converting traffic and generating affiliate commissions than a native app.

With native apps, getting a merchant to track the source of a customer is very hard. The only viable option currently available for native apps is to open an affiliate link through the standard mobile browser (instead of in-app).

answered Mar 6 '14 at 02:13
Bruce Schwartz
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