Agreement template for software development between two partners


Monicka here,

Am new to this site so don't know right format to ask question so please help this young entrepreneur.

We are having a software service provider company. going to develop a software with a one more partner. I want to make agreement for this show.

While google i found many agreements between partners and between client and service provider i didn't get exact template for my requirement.

Please help me to go in a right way for this agreement preparation.

Thanks in advance

Business Partnerships Agreements Legal Documents

asked Nov 12 '13 at 21:49
Monicka Akilan
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You need an agreement between a company owner and someone making the product?

or do you need an agreement between two people going in to a business together?

It's hard to just say give me template. Legal contracts are designed to represent the expectations of all of the parties involved and their obligations. There are situations where template agreements may work but it's best to know what you want to agree upon.

Remember a contract is just text between people that is mutually agreed upon.

Having the text in standard legal language helps with interpretation and enforcement but you can make an agreement between people with any signed and agreed upon terms.

So just write something up that makes sense in your situation, or start with a template and modify it towards your needs.

Or get a lawyer to draft it.

(I'm not a lawyer, this is not legal advise)

answered Nov 13 '13 at 13:16
Ryan Doom
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Business Partnerships Agreements Legal Documents