Should I do it all alone or co-operate with others?


I have builded some web startups earlier with medium winnings. I have to say that the whole work was done by myself as I have the ability to do it programmatically. However I think I am not the best person for marketing & consulting.

I guess that with the help of others things should work better. But what if you don't find the people that you actually want to walk with? What if every person of a team lives hours away? What if you don't get the best of them because they are only here for the future money (maybe) ?

Should I go with this team or should I go by myself, look for feedback and rely on articles and answers from the internet fot my questions?

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asked Sep 8 '11 at 08:25
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I think the most important thing when finding people to work with is to make sure you really want to work with them. If you have a grand vision for the company and you want to 'do great things' but the others just care about the money, then they are not a good fit for you.

However, in general, someone who wants a long-term payoff will usually be interested in doing the best things for the long-term health of the company. I have worked in companies where everybody lived in different countries. It didn't create much of a problem. We knew when we could meet by phone or video conference. Everyone who had an equity stake was after the same thing - long-term payback (money). I don't see people being far away as being a major issue.

answered Sep 8 '11 at 10:27
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  • By referring to "long term payback", you mean you were given a share in the company or you would get your worked money when the project ended even if the company did not make any gain ? I am asking this because I do not have investments yet and any promises for future pays will be risky for me at this point. – Nikolai 12 years ago
  • Yes, everyone had stock, except me. It was fine as I came late and I knew everyone and I was working for them on commission. However, it was clear that since everyone had stock, they all wanted the same things. My point is that distance should not be an issue. I regularly work with people from all over the world and I have never found it to be a problem. If I didn't answer your question, please rephrase it and I will respond. – John 12 years ago


There is an African proverb that says this: If you wanna go quickly, go alone; if you wanna go far, go together.

You just need to find the right partners. Take your time, and don't rush. If you are a hunter, find a cooker, and viceversa.

Good luck.

answered Sep 9 '11 at 03:10
A. Garcia
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