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I'm wondering if there is any limit of activities another company could carry out for my company? I have a limited company in the UK, live outside the UK, and would like another company or a self-employed person to carry out most trading activities of my limited company. By trading activities I mean managing our web server, and preparing software which my company sells on its website. I myself would be in charge of everything else a company director should do.

Outsourcing UK Company

asked Jun 9 '12 at 08:25
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  • You can outsource pretty much everything for a UK Ltd company, including the Directors. What you propose seems to be perfectly reasonable. – Steve Jones 11 years ago

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There are a certain irreducible core of duties that director of a company needs to obey, primary amongst which not trading whilst insolvent. Otherwise, many functions can be outsourced to specialised agencies. You might be surprised at the ratio of staff to revenue that even big MNCs like Nike have. The constraints are

  • activities which are unlawful in jurisdiction of registration
  • regulatory compliance which cannot be outsourced (eg legal service)

Otherwise you can pretty much authorise others to act in your stead. However, I'd point out that there is a major difference between delegation and abdication.

answered May 4 '13 at 16:01
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Outsourcing UK Company