Anyway I can get the list of new startups so that I can inform them to try my new A/B test service?


I have just launched my first startup regarding A/B test creation and monitoring service for anyone who want to increase their website conversion rate through A/B tests.

Is there a way I can find the list of startups or web developers contacts so I can inform them regarding this service?

** Thank you Virtuosi Media and Jesper for your comprehensive guide! I will definitely follow your advise.

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asked Nov 25 '10 at 18:15
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There are thousands of web design blogs to try. Start following some links on Twitter for topics related to web design and you'll be able to build a list very quickly between the people tweeting and the blogs they link to in their tweets. You can also use CSS and website galleries to build up a list as designers will often post their work to showcase it.

A few other ideas to promote yourself in the community:

  • Start a blog about the importance of A/B testing.
  • Demonstrate your product through videos and blog posts and show how easy it is to use.
  • Guest post on other blogs. Target bigger ones to make most efficient use of your time.
  • Make it easy for developers to integrate.
  • Make extensions for major CMS's.
  • Advertise on web design blogs (check
    BuySellAds ) or through AdWords.
  • Find contests and contribute your service as one of the prizes.
  • Hold a contest.
  • Create an affiliate system using
    Zferral or HasOffers.
  • Write a white paper on how to conduct A/B testing. Use your product as a way to teach.
  • Have real-life case studies of websites that have used your service on your website. Nothing is better than testimonials.

As a word of warning, I'd be careful about just emailing people out of the blue as some might take it as spam. Get your name out there in the community a bit first. I would try everything on the above list first.

answered Nov 25 '10 at 18:45
Virtuosi Media
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Just to clarify, you're asking for a list of all startups around the world who are building webapps right now? There is no such list, at least not a comprehensive one. But you can probably get close by compiling data from several of the startup community's favourite news aggregators. Take a look at:

With good data mining of the above sources you should be able to create a near-complete list of startups -- at least of the startups that are publicizing / interacting with the community.

A final note: If you actually go ahead and compile such a list, you should really share it. It would be absolutely fantastic link-bait, i.e. it would be a great blog post that would attract lots of attention.

answered Nov 25 '10 at 19:18
Jesper Mortensen
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Aside from what Jesper said, have you actually thought about your question???

You want to limit the marketing of your service to a very small subset of all the people you could sell to. Why is that??? Can't any web site use your service?

If I come up with a new service that helps get goods from trucks onto store shelves, do I say I only want to market it to Ice Cream Stores??

answered Nov 26 '10 at 04:08
Gary E
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  • Hi Gary, of course I wish all the website can use my service. However, I'm afraid established websites might have used those established products which could make me more difficult to position myself as it is still a new service? That's why I am thinking if it will be easier for me to market to websites that is newer in the Internet. – Phlai 13 years ago

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