Benefits to end-users for choosing SaaS over regular software?


If there are two competitors, both offering the exact same solution. The only difference is that one is a normal software that the user installs on their computer, while the other is a web based SaaS product.

Why would an end-user choose the SaaS? What benefits does SaaS provide them in this case?

Software Benefits Saas

asked Apr 27 '14 at 15:27
Evelyn Barr
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Some benefits of using SaaS over a local installation for the end user:

  • No installation required. This allows for an easy proof-of-concept, and enables the end users to try the product without the involvement of software administrators.
  • Upgrades and maintenance require no action on the part of the end user.
  • Accessibility of data. Data that is not stored locally can be accessed from another location (or another device) as well.

And for the customer/decision-maker:

  • Cost structure. In comparison with traditional license models, software-as-a-service more often uses pay-per-use models, which scale very well. If the software isn't used, the customer pays very little.
  • Reduced risk. If the software does not match the expectations, it is relatively easy to stop.
answered Apr 27 '14 at 18:36
Marielle Winarto
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