Best place to find partners?


I know this question has already been asked in many ways, but I'm looking for a more general answer.

I'd like to know which is the best place to find technical people to work with. Has anybody out there been rally successful using only the Internet, or is joining a "meetup" a better way? Are there other alternatives? (I'm in Europe BTW, not in the US)

Technical Partnerships Non Technical

asked May 17 '11 at 19:49
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  • Note: I don't have a "technical background" (in the sense that I don't code, but I do understand IT quite well), and I can imagine how annoying it can be for technical people when non-techies come up to them with an idea asking them if they want to implement it (preferably for a 5% share and no money). I'm starting to learn the necessary skills, but I know I'll never be a replacement for a real coder. – Calixte 13 years ago
  • Where do you live? – Filippo Diotalevi 13 years ago
  • France, but I might move to Switzerland. – Calixte 13 years ago

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Look at open-source projects you really like, figure out who coded the majority of it, and recruit that person. Finding a cofounder isn't about interviews and having people find you. You are going to have to network, meet lots of people, and recruit the person you want to go into business with you.

To get a real cofounder who will stick with you through the good and bad, a few things need to line up:

  • He must like you.
  • She must like the idea.
  • She must be at a point in life where she can work on the idea.
  • You'll probably have to do a 50/50 equity split to get anyone worth working with.

There isn't a perfect place to find a hacker who needs a hustler. Most of it is happenstance, but you can increase your chances by attending hacker-related events. I hear at least one person a week looking for a "technical cofounder" and I rarely hear technies looking for a "non-technical cofounder".

You're going to have to work hard to find someone awesome. Don't settle for a B-list cofounder. Hold out until you find the right person.

answered May 17 '11 at 23:45
Andy Cook
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  • Great thanks. What I want the most is a co-founder. I'd like to find someone really passionate about the project that can bring his/her way of doing things, POV, etc. – Calixte 13 years ago
  • What do you mean exactly by "hacker-related events"? – Calixte 13 years ago
  • There are specific events that programmer-types usually go to. Trying searching for groups near you that are related to building stuff. Here are some ones near Boston that technical people would normally attend:,, http://meetup.bostonpython.comAndy Cook 13 years ago
  • OK, thanks for the tips. I'll try to make the most out of them. – Calixte 13 years ago

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