Best practices for SaaS user on-boarding?


What are some good practices and strategies for on-boarding users on a SaaS app?

Most of my users signup for the free version to try out the app. How can I tailer the on-boarding process to result in more conversions to paid plans down the line?

Strategy Saas Conversion Onboarding

asked Mar 3 '14 at 05:12
Willie Kline
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There are different techniques:

  • Highlight some part of the screens and explain the features with a little textual description
  • Force people to use features so they can learn about them (see Twitter onboarding process that force the new user to follow new people)
  • Turn that to a game or step-by-step use of the app (see LinkedIn)

Lot of resources are available on the web on that topic, a few examples here:

answered Mar 3 '14 at 11:13
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  • Excellent suggestions Xav. Especially the LinkedIn-type steps to profile completion. – Patricia Wright 5 years ago

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Strategy Saas Conversion Onboarding