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We are from Russia. We have an idea for startup. We have money (we are investors).

We dont have a developing team and dont want to create it.

We need to hire a team with strong knowlegde of PayPal and experienced in high-load webapps development.

Unfortunattely our search in Russia did not get the desired results.

The quiestion is: how to find such a team properly in USA or elsewhere in Western world? Is it possible?

Developers Paypal

asked Sep 4 '12 at 19:44
Vlad Minaev
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Sure it is possible.

There are several ways to find developers:

  1. Search the web for terms like "paypal, php, developer" and visit developers blogs. You can see the expertise of a developer on the topics he writes on his blog. I got several jobs because people visited my blog and were convinced I could do the job
  2. Visit startup sites and use the "job pool". There are several startup sites on the net which give you the chance to post jobs. Drawback: you still need to do a research on the people who send you applications
  3. Check out if there are Open Source components in that area. In your case, you could look if some dev has created something open source with paypal. You could contact the dev if you like what he did. A great place to start with your research is for example
  4. Make use of headhunters aka recruiters. This is an option I never consider personally. I really dislike recruiters because many of them have no clue on their job. Actually I never accepted a job from a recruiter. But others do and others are happy. Maybe situation in the US with recruiters is different than the situation i experienced in Germany. Anyway, Recruiters are an option.
  5. Post on forums related to what you need. In your case you might want to look at the Paypal developer forums. Maybe you find a person who impresses by his answers. Maybe there is a job board open.

That all being said, there are many competent developers out there in Europe, US or elsewhere. The biggest problem will be trust. There is no recommendation to find a trustworthy guy. Just... look at what he did and his blog posts. So more you learn about your dev so better.

Anyway I am surprised you couldn't find people in Russia. Usually people in Germany outsource to Russia, not vice versa. You might want to add "outsourcing" to the list of terms for your search maybe you get better results if you would search for classical, russian outsourcing companies.

answered Sep 4 '12 at 21:33
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