What's the best way to outsource order processing w/PayPal

What is the best way to outsource order processing (dropship) with PayPal? PayPal really, really sucks. However, one of my vendors only accepts PayPal. I tried to create an additional user for my assistant, however, he wasn't able to go through the checkout process with that username. PayPal only accepts email addresses during checkout! I called PayPal and spoke to Christine and she recommended setting up a different PayPal account. So I had to set up a whole new PayPal account and customize the checkout page again. I gave my assistant the email & password. He was able to process 2 orders, but on the 3rd order, it blocked him and presented a security check! I called PayPal again and spoke to Tina who said the only way to bypass the 'security check' is to link a bank account, add PayPal debit card, or apply for PayPal credit. I tried to apply to PayPal credit, but it is only offered during the checkout process! You can't apply for it from within your account! WTF? So I applied for PayPal debit. Now, I'm getting random emails from PayPal saying my transaction was declined, even though I did not initiate a transaction and my assistant did not process orders either, and there is no record of a declined transaction in the account transactions either. I would ideally like to set spending limits for my assistant, but PayPal does not offer that feature. So I manually fund the order processing account from my original personal account which has the bank account linked. I can not link the bank account to the new order processing account because PayPal won't even let you link a bank account to two PayPal accounts, plus that would defeat the purpose of limiting spending. I do not wish to have a hacker break into my PayPal account and withdraw all my bank money and send it somewhere (because my assistant would never steal from me - but they do keep passwords insecurely). So how do other people outsource their vendor payments that use PayPal?

Outsourcing Order Paypal Virtual Assistants Order Processing

asked Dec 14 '14 at 01:22
Starrychloe S.
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  • Did you ever solve this problem of how to outsource fulfillment? – David Chiew 3 years ago

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Outsourcing Order Paypal Virtual Assistants Order Processing