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What's the best way to outsource order processing w/PayPal

What is the best way to outsource order processing (dropship) with PayPal? PayPal really, really sucks. However, one of my vendors only accepts PayPal. I tried to create an additional user for my...

asked Dec 14 '14 at 01:22
Starrychloe S.
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Hiring an office manager: how do you deal with account passwords?

As our startup is growing, and in order to provide more time for the founders to work on the business instead of administrative tasks, we'll be hiring an office manager. This person would be...

asked Apr 15 '14 at 01:57
Donald Keeling
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What tasks should a founder outsource to virtual assistants?

I want to hire a virtual assistant on ODesk and curious what kind of tasks do people usually have them do?What are your business / personal tasks that you would outsource to make your life easier...

asked Mar 4 '14 at 15:23
Lillian Price
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