What's the best way to get into contact with game developers?


I'm part of a team that is in my university's startup competition, a big event with a big prize for the winning team. As part of the competition, teams have to contact the people who represent their startup's customer base, in order to test the hypotheses of their business model.

My startup's product is going to be a game development middleware that will make it easier to make games with user-created worlds. We think our primary target customer will be developers of small-scale games, such as F2P games, children's games, browser games, and casual MMOs. The problem we're facing is how to contact these companies. I suspect many of these companies get swamped with communications coming from their players, who have complaints, suggestions, and comments that can't all be attended to. Therefore, it's been pretty difficult for us to find a way to contact them. Many of them don't even give email addresses on their company pages. What is a good way to get in touch with these companies and make it clear to them that we're not contacting them for the typical reasons?

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asked Oct 28 '13 at 08:16
Chris Conlon
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The recommended way to contact the game development companies would be via email. Even if the company receives a lot of emails everyday, your emails are never ignored and if you come across any company that never responds to mails then I think its better not to work with a bunch of careless people who never want to innovate, engage or collaborate. I think you have a great concept try promoting it via social platforms and YouTube like platforms. "These companies will follow you for your innovation..!"

answered Oct 28 '13 at 14:09
Sagar Vaishnav
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I think their regular contact email is the right way to go if you can find it. First of all, I have worked in user support for a company that makes games, and although we get a lot of email, of course we look at it all. In our case we had enough employees to actually answer the user complaints, etc. but even if we are talking about a small indy developer, they probably at least look through it all to see if there is anything important.

If you can't find an email on their company page, it may be on their app page on the app store for support purposes. Or if they have a facebook page you could send them a message there, but I am more likely to ignore those than email, personally.

answered Oct 28 '13 at 19:22
Kaitlin M
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