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I own a company that performs computer repair and help etc online via remote support. There is no physical location for a customer to come in and drop their computer off.

With that being said, what would be the best way to market this company? Yellow pages online? Adwords?

We currently just use word of mouth and serve clients throughout the United States, and have even done a few jobs where the client was out of the country.


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  • What type of remote support? Microsoft Office support? or maybe to fix bugs and clean PCs? – A. Garcia 13 years ago
  • We do Office support as well, but most of our jobs are cleaning PCs, making them faster, removing viruses, etc. – James 13 years ago

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Ryan presented a lot of good ideas for generating leads (I would also suggest you take a look at Facebook ads), but don't forget to make sure that your website copy is optimized to convert those visitors into leads. Here are some suggestions how:

Step #1:
Create remarkable content that will attract people to your website. It must offer your audience something that is to THEIR benefit, not yours. Make sure it is optimized for search and promote it via social media.

Step #2:
Once people are coming to your site due to the great content, give them persuasive calls to action. These need to be focused on the results the audience will get, not on how great the service is. People need to be able to visualize how their life will be a little bit better after giving you their information.

You need to create well constructed landing pages in order to generate leads. Some specific tips include:

Create pages with compelling headlines. Again, focus on creating a vision for the audience that allows them to see how much better off they will be after taking the action you want them to take. Be sure to include one of the seven fascination triggers in your headline (lust, vice, alarm, power, prestige, mystique or trust).

Connect with the audience. Build off of your headline by showing the audience that you can identify and empathize with their plight. People want to buy from people who are more like themselves.

Clearly define your offer. Tell the customer exactly what they will get in exchange for their lead information (preferably no more than an email). Don't get cute here - be extremely concise with your language and don't hide anything.

Provide testimonials. If people have made it this far, a powerful testimonial can seal the deal. Social proof is a vital aspect of the buying process.

Dispel their fears. Try to anticipate the buyers' reservations and address them head on. For example, tell them it won't take as much time as they may think or won't be as risky as they may fear. Making the offer completely risk-free (e.g. money back guarantee) is another way to accomplish this.

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Jon Di Pietro
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  • This is great stuff, thank you! – James 13 years ago
  • You're welcome. Good luck! – Jon Di Pietro 13 years ago


  1. Google Adwords - paid placement
  2. Website with organic SEO - try and get natural leads
  3. Local contacts (even though your global) for press releases and info. You gotta start somewhere.
  4. Find some blogs and ask if you can guest blog a couple posts
  5. Write some articles for a trade magazine or publication
  6. Twitter / Facebook
  7. Twitter trolling. Use Hootsuite to setup search terms on keywords like 'computer error' etc. so you can contact people out of the blue who post about having computer issues.
  8. Call on and form relationships with companies with a physical presence in areas. There are probably jobs that aren't a good fit for them because they are too far to drive, to expensive or whatever. Have them give you those leads.

Something to get you started! (Yellow pages sucks)

answered Aug 18 '11 at 13:55
Ryan Doom
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  • Twitter trolling is a dangerous idea. Trolling is considered antisocial and you may get people annoyed by doing it. – Chris Morgan 13 years ago
  • This is great stuff, thank you! – James 13 years ago


Twitter trolling and/or spamming is definitely annoying, and likely won't bring in anything positive for your company. That being said, there is a lot of marketing value in Twitter interactions, especially if you're able to get a couple customers to vouch for you. You have to make it easy and helpful for the customers to a) comprehend what you're offering and b) see why you're the best option. A couple good ways to do this:

  1. Have a well-constructed and clean profile.
  2. Have a call to action on your page, and a clearly displayed link.
One of the best ways to make sure Twitter (and Facebook, for that matter) are working for you and helping market your business is to create content calendars where you plan your social media outreach and self-promotion in advance for a certain time period (say, a month, or even just a week). This helps ensure that you're not being repetitive, and that your overall messaging is coherent and targeted.

Check out - I've found a lot of very interesting posts on new media marketing there.

answered Aug 19 '11 at 00:14
Ella Evans
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  • Thanks, I'll definitely check it out! – James 13 years ago


Before marketing I would find a mentor or three that is strongly familiar with agencies that give aid to shut-ins and perhaps provide custom discounted programs through the agencies.

answered Aug 19 '11 at 12:12
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I do also have problem in how to market the company that I'm working with? They thought me how how to do SEO. And there was different ways to promote your site online like doing blog commenting and joining Forum discussion, supposed to be a basic step in how to market your company online.

answered Aug 19 '11 at 14:20
Inbound Call Center
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