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I am ready with my product ( a marketing/discovery platform for local retailers) . I have started connecting with local retail chain stores - managed to get a few contacts in their marketing department.

(product is free for retailers)

The problem -
The whole process of getting contacts - writing to them, sending them a pitch with a presentation - some want to even meet up and then decide then getting on board -- this entire process is way too long - & time far its taken more than 2 weeks for one to say Yes

Is there any way I can shorten or use a smarter way to get them on board quickly

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asked Jul 24 '13 at 23:41
Stanford Sequeira
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Any start up is going to take way too much manual time from the owners to score the first few contracts. You should learn from your process and try to automate whatever points possible. Once you hit critical mass you could probably just have a video pitch on a website and other web based pitches to hook new clients.

If travel time is a pain for you I would suggest webinars or skype , if your clientele is savvy enough to handle that without to much effort. Also if the process is to long for you personally but not too long to be profitable then what about hiring sales staff and paying them on commission?

You could hold group webinars and seminars speak to more than one client at a time then focus in on more interested clients.

If you want to private message me more details I could provide you with more detailed advice.

answered Jul 24 '13 at 23:53
Ross Mann
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  • Hi @ross thanks for the advice. to answer about hiring people - unable to do that as I have limited cash & in the begning I will be giving the product to use for free. Will email you at businessassembler if I got any queries ! – Stanford Sequeira 11 years ago
  • Hi @standfor Sequeira, If your profit margin is decent enough you should be able to provide sales staff with commissions only at first. Maybe even bonuses for top performances... make them eat what they kill. Let me know if you want to continue the discussion on a chat or via e-mail. – Ross Mann 11 years ago
  • Sure I will write to you. we'll continue this – Stanford Sequeira 11 years ago
  • You might find Paul Graham's latest essay interesting on this point -- "Do things that don't scale": Thomas 11 years ago

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