Does cold calling work for B2B SaaS applications?


Is cold calling a viable marketing channel for a B2B Saas product? We are trying every possible channel to see what sticks in order to get more paid customers.

Cold calling has a higher investment than other channels we are trying out. The basic needs for cold calling are:

  1. Targeted leads (phone numbers of prospects to cold call). There are multiple providers who sell this data.
  2. Sales team who does the actual cold calling. This could possibly be outsourced.
  3. Infrastructure costs like phones, CRM, etc.

Marketing Strategy B2B Marketing Channel Cold Calling

asked May 9 '14 at 01:10
Mike Lambert
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"It depends".

B2B cold calling /might/ work, but it's largely going to depend on:

- whether your product solves an important, urgent or expensive pain point
- whether your prospective clients know they suffer this pain
- whether the leads are well qualified
- your price point
- what type of organisation you are trying to sell to

Regarding your belief that cold calling is expensive, it's not about the cost - it's about the cost as a percentage of the return. You can easily test this for a very low cost.

Leads? Start by asking your own network for leads.
Sales team? You're it.
Phones? I'm certain you have a home/office/cell phone already.
CRM? Paper. Trello. Excel.

Make the first 1000 calls yourself and you'll know precisely whether or not cold calling is going to work for your business.

answered May 9 '14 at 09:43
Nick Stevens
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Marketing Strategy B2B Marketing Channel Cold Calling