Can we compile tips on how to create the best video tours?


Video tours have been proven to be very effective in the conversion process. We will be creating one for our startup (piclyf) and would appreciate input from brilliant people here. or should we just hire someone with a British accent to get a phenomenal sign-up metrics.


asked Mar 17 '10 at 02:29
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I'd say start simple, figure out what works and innovate. We've made many different versions of the videos in our tour over the last 2 years. We track what people like to watch vs. when they stop watching and try to re-edit or make new videos accordingly.

General tips I've learned:

  • Keep it short. Under 2 minutes is always best
  • Think about the audience.
  • Don't focus on the pitch, focus on the explanation. A good explanation will do wonders for keeping people engaged.

We've also found that by using screencasting tools like screenflow, lecturnity, or camtasia we can easily and cheaply continue to create content.

answered Mar 17 '10 at 04:35
Chris Savage
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