Are there consultants or companies which will help me find projects in USA?


I am from India and I am owner of a Pvt Ltd company, we deal in software, web development, hosting, server administration. We are successfully in business from last 5 years. These many years we got our work from our existing contacts. Now we want to expand the business and hence are looking for more work. We don't have any new contacts from where we can build any business relation with a new company to gain a project. Can anyone please help me in right direction to find a company, a professional who can search projects for me in USA, UK, Australia etc.

What I need is they will find the work on basis of their network and represent my company to the client. If my company gets the project they will get their payment or % in the amount of the work.

This is my concept for which I dont know if any professional or a company is present or dont know I am just wrong totally. But if someone knows anything about this please help me in the right direction.

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asked Oct 6 '11 at 00:50
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  • I know someone who does that but I don't think this is a place where I could market such companies to you. Give me your company's name and may be I will give them your contact details. – Sunil 12 years ago
  • Let me know your E-mail address and I will mail you – Bandurao 12 years ago

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Yes, there are such consultants. They belong to two categories:

  1. leeches: they will offer their "services" and try to get as much cash from you, without having to deliver any results. They tend to over-promise and severely under-deliver. They don't have a clue what your product is about.
  2. legitimate distributors/reps: they have a good network, know potential customers and understand your business very well.

The challenge is to figure out who is who. By far, the best way to find such a person is through a common acquaintance. The second best way is to make sure they have sold similar products in the past and overall seem to know more about your market than you do. That would be a good sign. If they try to impress you with vague knowledge of the US market in general, run :-)

answered Oct 6 '11 at 01:32
Alain Raynaud
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  • Thanks for your reply, but do you know any website where I can find and contact such consultants. Any name or website you can suggest? – Bandurao 13 years ago
  • Like I said, the best approach is through people you know, not a random website. Start by asking around the people you work with in India for instance. Do they know anyone they can recommend? – Alain Raynaud 13 years ago
  • does anyone knows any person or organization where I can find someone – Bandurao 13 years ago

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