How to create a BUZZ few weeks before launching your website?


We had planned not to market our website that goes live in 8 weeks, but now going for the opposite. So we are building a website where users sign up and interact on the basis of XYZ (apologies for not disclosing as yet).

What are the steps to take to create a buzz few weeks before the launch? We want to market this so that people are prepared for this website and their interest grows! Here are the things we thought of so far:

  1. facebook page (Are user 'likes' enough? What else can be done at these pages?)
  2. twitter page
  3. launchrock

Is there any service, even if paid, you would recommend?

Marketing Launch Social Network

asked Feb 16 '12 at 03:50
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  • I think 8 weeks is a big duration if you only want to give clues. – Nikolai 12 years ago

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Using social media to get likes is not enough. You need to engage users and build a community where users will self engage.

  1. Facebook: When users post on your page, it also post in their timeline. This is good for you because more people see the post. Also encourage your users to share instead of like posts. Sharing post makes it show up in the users timeline like it's a status update. A post like shows up tiny.
  2. Twitter: Get followers and link Twitter to Facebook or vice versa. The goal is to keep communication with your Followers/Fans. By linking Facebook to Twitter, you reduce the need to post in both places.
  3. No experience with launchrock. Sorry.

I have several of other methods, but I would request you contact me directly.

answered Feb 16 '12 at 05:33
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  • Thanks Jeff. That is really helpful. Please let me know a medium or comapny name to contact you. Thanks. – Raj 12 years ago


You could try to reach out to some bloggers who cover industry or niche you plan to be in and share info about upcoming launch. If you are preparing a press release, share a draft with whoever expresses interest (on exclusive basis) and have some quotes ready from founders.

  1. Facebook. Likes will become your audience when it's time to announce product launch. The earlier you start and the more likes you build up the more people will learn about your site launch. If you can't describe the product before you launch I am not sure how you will be communicating about who you are and what you do. Starting Tip: make sure to have some posts up on your wall before you do any heavy promo leg work. Like some brands that might think favorably of you as their FB page admins might like you back.
  2. Twitter. Same as above, especially the tip, replace "like" with "follow".

I wouldn't recommend linking Twitter and Facebook. Facebook allows for much reacher communications than 144 characters you can do on Twitter. Also, Twitter style posts look so.. automated, as if nobody human touched the actual Facebook page. I write posts for Facebook first, then shorten them for Twitter.

answered Feb 16 '12 at 13:22
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Online Ads: Google + Facebook, might do the trick.

Getting likes on your Facebook fan page may not be enough. Just because people click on like doesn't mean they are going to visit your page regularly. After a few status updates from your FB page fails to get any engagement, it stops showing on their news feed.

If you can make a video about what your brand is about, share it on youtube.

answered Feb 17 '12 at 20:38
Jim Syyap
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