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As we've all learned, creating content is a great way to gain attention without resorting to advertising.

The problem with creating content is time investment. Not everybody makes a good blogger (for written content) or great showman (for video content). After all, the kung fu I have in creating great product does not necessarily take away my writer's block.

The alternative I can think of is by sponsoring content that reaches the same target segment.

Question :

Is sponsoring a blog or a show give me the same benefit as creating one plus promoting it on my own?

I'm aware that having my own blog/show gives me personal branding. What if I don't intend to create a cult-of-me? (I think that's not necessarily good business)

On the other hand, if you disagree that content creation is time consuming, do enlighten me on how you do it.


asked Mar 3 '10 at 17:35
G Rex
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Wow, I feel for you. I've been writing a blog for the past month (and twittering and launching an app) and it's a dumpload of work. Even if you don't hit writer's block, the time commitment is daunting.

  1. If you can arrange for the blog content to appear on your site only and continue that effort for the long haul (strongly associated with your company), go for it. I think it's possible to accrue many of the benefits of writing yourself - although not quite perfect.
  2. Simply sponsoring an external blog feels not much different from other types of advertising. Would you take out a banner ad on the blog?
  3. Most successful bloggers don't create "cult-of-me". The real aims are to give something valuable to prospects/customers and to humanize the company. Put another way, my preference is to buy good products from good people. It's hard to recognize likable people when the corporate mask is on.
answered Mar 3 '10 at 19:45
Mike Schoeffler
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If your primary business is content, then sponsored content is ok.

But if we are talking about company blogs, I don't see the value add it provides.

There is a recent inc article entitled - how hard could it be? I think there are a lot of good points that joel makes on "blogging for visibility".

Stealing one good point - read the entire article for additional info.

An entrepreneur's blog has to be about
something bigger than his or her
company and his or her product. This
sounds simple, but it isn't.
Mike makes a great point - whew! this stuff is tiring!!

If you're in it for the cult-of-me thing, then I guess that there is an endless amount of time and energy one can spend.

But it does take time to create relevant, on-topic content & spoon feed to your target audience. Lots of it. How much time do you have?

answered Mar 4 '10 at 03:28
Jim Galley
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  • Interestingly what prompted me to ask this question was the fact that Joel talked about the fact that he had been blogging for 9 years to get to what he is today. And boy is that tough. I wanna be an outlier as businessman and coder. But spending time on blogging is a whole other thing altogether. So I think it'll be wise to look for tactics that achieve the same result with lesser time investment. – G Rex 14 years ago


The best way to drive traffic to your website is to have great content IN your website.
That way you'll be driving visits to your site, that stay there and learn about what you have to offer after they read the post (and not the other way round, as it would happen if you sponsor a blog, since in that case people read the post and then have to decide to click your sponsor logo to get to your website).

All the traffic you get will tell the search engines that you are a good resource of content that people actually visit, and this will help your ranking.

If you don't have enough throughput to create all the great content you need to fuel a growing stream of new visitors to your website, you might considering inviting guest bloggers to write there (the Copyblogger blog does this all the time, and they are great writers themselves!)

Another tactic is to identify relevant posts in other blogs, and then start your own discussion in your blog, pointing to those posts, or simply asking permission from the blog owner to copy/paste a piece of their blog entry.
Finding inspiration in other blogs is a good idea (copying them without authorization is not)

Hope this helps.

answered Mar 4 '10 at 01:03
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