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What are your favorite websites for learning about or building effective landing pages for online advertising? How should these pages relate to your main site?

I'm a software programming geek that needs to get hip to this marketing thing.

Marketing Advertising Website

asked Oct 27 '09 at 07:30
D Thrasher
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One of the best sites around right is Smashing Magazine. Here's a resource on Conversion Rates and Landing Pages turned up by 5 seconds on their site. There are definitely more.

Other great places to look are A List Apart, The Google Adwords Blog (linked to a useful example), and of course make use of Google Webmaster Central.

answered Oct 27 '09 at 07:52
Gabriel Hurley
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  • I'll check out Smashing Magazine's stuff. I've liked their other web design info. And the Google Adwords link has a great tutorial video -- thanks! – D Thrasher 14 years ago


I discovered a great series of articles on Copyblogger shortly after posting this question:

Landing Pages Turn Traffic into Money The articles include insights on both the wording of the page and its design.

answered Oct 27 '09 at 09:33
D Thrasher
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I recently came across A/BTests you may want to check it out as well.

answered Oct 27 '09 at 10:04
Usman Sheikh
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  • Nice. I like how they show you examples of the split tests. – D Thrasher 14 years ago


What you want is A/B testing, as Usman mentioned. In essence you build two different versions of the page and measure which one performs better.

My suggestion is the Google Website Optimizer, and related book Always Be Testing

answered Oct 28 '09 at 23:16
Duncan Wilcox
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I like Unbounce for landing page tools and tips.

Their blog is fantastic providing indepth insight and case studies, for example Case Study: How I Created a Viral Ebook Landing Page – Using ThemeForest, PayWithATweet, KISSinsights and Unbounce
answered Nov 9 '11 at 04:03
Mike Nereson
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