Which metrics are more appropriate for landing page?


right know I have an idea that would like to test out and would like to know which metrics are regularly used to understand why people are signing in or not.

So far I have just Google Analytics, and 1 goal which is conversion rate, so I just measure how many people sign for the newsletter out of the total.

Did you do A/B testing with the landing page? Did you use any particular tool to accomplish this that would recommend?

Could you shed some light on the process of choosing metrics?


Marketing Analytics Metrics Ab Testing Landing Page

asked Jan 17 '12 at 13:25
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  • What information & interactive elements do you have on the landing page? Is it actually just 1 page or several? – Dnbrv 12 years ago

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The basic metrics for a landing page include:

'Bounce Rate' (which can be higher than usual if all you want is an email signup on the landing page itself and nothing more)

'Avg. Time on Page' - your design and content needs to keep them there long enough to lead to a conversion

'Pages Viewed per Visit' - not applicable if you have a one-page site

'Referring Sources' - provides invaluable insight into how people are finding your page.

The goal you have created is of course the most direct measurement of whether people are doing what you want them to do; set a goal for the conversion rate, at say, 2%, and then yes, by all means, A/B test multiple landing pages with different copy, with different email signup locations, etc. to see what your particular users engage with the most. How (with what external links) people are finding your landing page will impact the ease in which you can create multiple landing pages, and the multiple links needed to direct people to each.

Just be sure this page clearly spells out the benefits to the user of entering their email address and giving up personal information...

answered Jan 18 '12 at 02:02
Abe S.
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  • Thanks for the answer, I will start paying attention on bounce rate while adding more content. – Pdjota 12 years ago

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Marketing Analytics Metrics Ab Testing Landing Page