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I have an idea for a business and would like to test the brand name. The business will be related to Crowdfunding and to that aim i would like crowd involvement in every aspect of the business where it suits. I have searched the internet for a service that would allow me to get crowd approval on the brand name or at least allow access to some type of Crowdsourced market research but without luck. Has anyone had experience of testing brand names or doing market research via Crowdsourcing?

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asked Oct 23 '12 at 21:09
Mark Regan
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Yes I have tested several brand names with crowdsourcing. I have done this by getting a list of 15 different brand names, then I would state them 2-3 times in a different order on the video.

I believe the best indication of a brand is how memorable it is and how easy it is to remember and write down the domain name.

So I asked 150 people approximately to watch the video and then to recall which of the brand names they could remember and write it down. This tests the person's ability to remember and also their ability to spell the brand.

How to find the people? You can use a micro crowdsourcing platform such as Amazon mechanical turk to do this. Or you can ask friends and contacts.

answered Feb 22 '13 at 13:09
Rob Rawson
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