How to deal with booth owners in a wholesale market? How to haggle with them?


Today I visited a local wholesale market. I want to be a trader so I visit the market. There are so many items that my eyes and my mind are dazzled. I don't know what products I can choose to wholesale. Besides the offers given by shop owners are very high, sometimes even higher than retail prices. I was pissed off. Sometimes they asked me to give a counter-offer, but I didn't know how to give a counter-offer. I don't know the cost, and I have no idea about the quality, how can I give a counter-offer? Please help me!

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asked Jul 12 '10 at 20:09
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  • If I offer a very low counter-offer, I'm afraid that the shop owner will sneer at me. Terrible! – Jack 13 years ago

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It depends on your culture. Buying a t-shirt in Beijing is like buying a used car in the US. Lots of back-and-forth. Your first offer (which should be low) will automatically bring a negative reaction: snear, face full of pain, etc. That's fine. Just offer a little more. This is key. Don't be afraid of their reaction. Only go up a little bit at a time. Keep telling yourself that they want to do business with you. You can use your inexperience to an advantage/excuse to make a low offer.

If you can't handle this part, just wait until you go through this process with customer after customer; day after day.

answered Jul 12 '10 at 21:49
Jeff O
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