Is there a difference between pitching as a social entrepreneur?


I know the difference between a social entrepreneur and an entrepreneur, however if those two pitch to someone for a deal, do they say something different?

Specifically in my case I am a social entrepreneur with an idea and I don't have in mind the profit, just the good for my community.

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asked Feb 8 '12 at 03:50
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Your pitch is toned for the audience. If your audience shares your commitment to the community-- then the potential positive return for the community can be the primary focus of the pitch. If the audience is being solicited for an investment in which they are expecting a financial return, then omitting the profit potential from your pitch will be a bad idea. If your pitch is for a philanthropic donaition your pitch needs to regflect an understanding of the motivator factors for the donor.

the essential commonality of a social entrepreneur and a traditional entrepreneur is that in both the underlying business has to stand on its own feet. Regardless of whether the social entrepreneurial endeavor is for-profit or not-for-profit -- there still needs to be a solid business model which shows how a need in the market is met and how the costs associated with the need being met are paid for.

As a social entrepreneurial you need to have a mind for business -- and the good for your community.

answered Feb 8 '12 at 09:09
Joseph Barisonzi
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