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I'm looking for good direct mail companies that will print and mail postcards my company creates.

Possibly even help design the mailers.

Any advice on what to look out for when selecting the right direct mail company would be appreciated.

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asked Aug 17 '11 at 06:22
Mat Banik
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As you'll know, the results from direct mail are measurable, so a good direct mail company has good results from previous campaigns. Ask for facts and figures on what they've achieved -- not just work samples to look at.

A big key to good results is in the copywriting, of course. Design / layout is of course also important. Are you looking for copywriting?

I run Wordfruit: a service for people to connect with vetted copywriters. We have a good number of Copywriters who do Direct Mail.

answered Aug 17 '11 at 07:17
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  • Yes, it's around the price of a regular job site. It's not really for low budget jobs. I don't know what your budget is. The writers on Wordfruit are not the cheapest. – Richard 12 years ago
  • There is also an option to post a job with no payment at the time of posting: 12 years ago

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