How will a registered agent protect my privacy?

  1. If I get a registered agent for my LLC, does that truly protect my privacy? So if an employer, friend, coworker, relative, etc wanted to find out who owns the company, could it be done?
  2. What are the differences between an Officer and a member?

LLC Legal Business Services Registered Agent

asked Aug 24 '11 at 00:09
Cocoa Dev
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A registered agent is not about privacy, but is a required point of contact for the business to get served with legal notices such as a subpoena. The registered agent is expected to keep normal business hours for these purposes. If you formed the entity in another State besides your residence then obviously you cannot serve as your own registered agent.

The Articles of Formation for the LLC are in the public record. Anyone that knows the name of the company and the state of formation can look up the information. There is no expectation of privacy for the founding members of the business.

An LLC is owned by members and the classic Officer titles are not typically used, but nothing prevents an owner from assuming one.

answered Aug 24 '11 at 04:39
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LLC Legal Business Services Registered Agent