Dolphin browser business model


Recently I read that Dolphin browser developers got an A round investment. This news made me think: what is the dolphin browser business model?

I am sorry if this question seems simple, however I couldn't find an answer for that. Can someone suggest?

Business Model

asked Aug 31 '11 at 06:16
Leonid Mirsky
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  • The [Dolphin Browser]( appears to be a mobile browser that supports gestures for navigation. Are you asking what their business model is? – Thedaian 13 years ago
  • Yes, exactly! The app itself is free, and there is no advertising of any sort, so how do they got investment if they don't have a business model? – Leonid Mirsky 13 years ago

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As you know there are a variety of business models for companies. For some businesses the business model may be driven by the intended exit strategy. If the exit strategy is to go public then profitability is very important. If the exit strategy is to be purchased by a competitor because of the profile of their customer base, then profitability may be sacrificed in order to maximize customer aquistion. If the exit strategy is to be purchased by a expanding company to their user base, then a revenue model may be sacrificed in order to maximize user acquisition.

If the exit strategy is to be purchased for the quality of their technology the business objective may be simply to demonstrating the market value of the technology.

Of course the exit strrategy could be a combiniation of these.

In my [limited] understanding he customer is the person who pays the bills. the bills are paid at Dolphin through investment. Without revenue the bills are paid by investors -- Thus the investors are the customer.

I would propose that the "investor-customers" of Dolphin Browser are currently focused on an exit strategy which does not necessitate revenue or profit at this stage of business development. And that is their business model.

answered Oct 1 '11 at 05:20
Joseph Barisonzi
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  • +1 I think this is an excellent answer! – David 12 years ago
  • Thank you Joseph for a great answer! – Leonid Mirsky 12 years ago
  • @LeonidMirsky Thanks! I hope you develop a business model that works for you! – Joseph Barisonzi 12 years ago

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