For an educational services startup, how do you finalize your business plan and marketing strategy?


We are trying to target the education sector for our business, we are developing the resources with the following features:

  • Interactive animation for subject content
  • Examination

  • Tracking system (Provide charts for Strength/Weakness in any Subject/Chapter/Topics)
  • Growth tracking system
  • Viewing animated videos
  • Audio books for subjects
  • Q/A forum
  • Messaging

For all above facilities we are making a website as well as a desktop application, that will be available to students on and offline.
Our prime idea is to provide the technological, interactive learning backbone to the schools.

I have 2 question on this,

1. What is missing in our model? What should be added and what should be clarified?

2. What should be the strategy to market the product?

Note: Coming from technical background, what kind of managerial points should we keep in mind?

Business Plan Learning Internet Education

asked Sep 13 '11 at 17:51
Darshan Joshi
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  • expert consultation
  • job openings for freshers
  • giving them business understanding in their chosen field.
  • web conferencing or webinars or video chat

marketing strategy

  • show them the benefits
  • tie up with placements.
  • maintain sex ratio for the enrollment.
  • advertise locally.

any question. Do ask :)

answered Sep 13 '11 at 22:25
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  • Can you please give some info on expert consultation? We are initially targeting school student, so on that concern what is missing in our model? how can we implement web-conference in our web-app? Finally we need your suggestion that we are going to introduce Expert-exchange service that high-school onwards students can avail and would get exposer to different fields(I.T/E.C/Ele./Mch. etc..). Better for future, they could track their area of interest with this. Finally thanks for the replay. – Darshan Joshi 12 years ago
  • Darshan, It will probably help me more about answering a good question. Just let me know some questions like, why do you think, that someone would use this service of yours? Which school grade students are you starting with? Expert services would be like, chat services. See, your business model would do what it is meant for.... make learning easier, interactive, guidance, give edge over another students who don't use this.... it should be like using your application, it should make a huge difference... you can also check some of the successful competitor business model and their revenue model. – Web2jeet 12 years ago
  • Thanks, I will surly look at the competitor business model. Because I feel we are filling stuff that are not going in any strong direction, so we actually need to think on that.. Once again thanks for the reply, once we make a structured model, will surly review it to you.. – Darshan Joshi 12 years ago
  • Oh sure! I will be glad to give my thoughts. – Web2jeet 12 years ago


You should narrow your target segment. Go a step down from the "Educational sector". Describe the typical profile of your end-user and re-think the portfolio of your service(s).
The list you provided could be shortened. Make it sharper. It's easier (and less costly) to market "one" product than a whole list of items.

answered Sep 16 '11 at 15:36
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