Examples of tasks you have successfully delegated


I am looking for examples of tasks that you have successfully delegated to others - be it either in house staff, virtual assistants or outsourcing.

Ideas Outsourcing Business Process

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  • Erm - not sure how this is off topic. Most startups are under extreme time pres. (unlimited amount to do and limited time to do it) so its a genuine q to see what other people have had success with. Mods do as you see fit though. – Ryan 12 years ago
  • Maybe reword your question about the nature of tasks to be delegated instead of a laundry list of tasks. – Jeff O 12 years ago
  • Jeff KO, I see your point and it fits better with Q/A model here but I was hoping for examples to give inspiration rather than more abstract answer. I've marked your answer though - this Q was probably better for a discussion forum. – Ryan 12 years ago

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Bookkeeping and the tax stuff to my tax adviser.

I'm unsure on how important that is on other countries but here (in Germany) its incredible important. My first self employment nearly tipped over because I tried to do it myself.

Its important to look for a tax adviser that also does bookkeeping so you can just dump your papers there and leave it to them. They tell you what they need as input (the correct form and timing) and supply you with the information you need on your general finance situation.

Here in Germany the prices for tax advisers are set by government AND tax advisers are legally prohibited from doing advertising (though they can promote themselves on meetings etc.) so to find the fitting one is kind of tricky. You should define what you want from them to do and then ask some if they do so. (If you already know someone who says his adviser is good and fits your need, take the recommended one, its seldom a bad idea.)

Generally speaking, the less clue you have, the more experienced your tax adviser has to be, my current one is a startup-tax-adviser herself and if I would have worked with her when I first looked for a tax-adviser I would have messed it up because she doesn't yet has this calming effect on me as my first tax-adviser had.

Another thing should be that you can reach them with YOUR favorite method of communication. If you communicate by email but they want you to bring your papers personally than don't work with them.

answered Jan 13 '12 at 03:41
Angelo Neuschitzer
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Know the difference between delegating and abdicating.

  1. Any task you don't have the ability to do.
  2. A task you know how to do so well that you can teach someone else quickly, they already know how to do it and have an easy way to monitor it without taking too much of your time.
  3. Privacy is not a an issue and the person performing the task is at the professional level to be trusted.
  4. Your liability for having do something dangerous (Change your own flat on a busy highway or call a tow truck.).
  5. Don't delegate tasks where you have some ridiculous standard that someone else can only meet if they read your mind (see #2).
  6. Tasks that for some reason have to be done at a time that prevents you from doing your core work. Don't go to the post office during times you could be meeting with potential customers.
answered Jan 15 '12 at 03:00
Jeff O
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I delegate a lot of writing and SEO to virtual assistants. Those tasks are the ones that have given me the greatest ROI.

answered Feb 1 '12 at 17:49
March Robert Philip Serrano
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Testing / QA to a small offshore company

Has worked really well for me as its

  • Defined task
  • Not a steady volume of work - lot of hours but only a few times of the year.
  • Definite benefit to having someone outside the normal development review something - like proof reading your own writing.
  • Tedious!


  • Don't give too rigid a test script (though you can have a regression test list as well) otherwise they will then just test it in the same way that you test it and will be less likely to find things that you miss.
  • Try and find a firm that can put the same people on the job each time so they build up knowledge of your product.
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  • what was the approximate cost? – Paul Cezanne 12 years ago
  • USD 15 p/h - not 'cheap' but I've been using them for well over a year now and I see great value. – Ryan 12 years ago
  • Can you contact me offline? email is in my profile. Thanks! – Paul Cezanne 12 years ago
  • Any explanation for the downvote? Not going to take offence as its your prerogative, just puzzled is all. – Ryan 12 years ago
  • @Paul - no email nor website in your profile but you can see my domain + add name for email. Just warning though that I'll give you details of whom I use if you want but not shopping for providers, just gave example to start thread and get inspiration for how I can get some of my time back - falling flat on here though! – Ryan 12 years ago
  • weird... I see one. But, email sent! – Paul Cezanne 12 years ago
  • @PaulCezanne Emails are private. Only you and the mods can see your email. You can test this by logging out and then viewing your profile. If you want to make your email public you need to place it in the about section of your profile. The website field is public, though. – Zuly Gonzalez 12 years ago

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